A covering letter is an important letter that accompanies your CV and application form (if used). It should be brief and to the point. Before starting your letter, check the job advert for a contact name. If you find one, use it to start your letter e.g. “Dear Mr Cook” and if you can’t find a contact name start your letter using “Dear Sir or Madam.” Make sure your letter is well laid out with no spelling mistakes. Read it through afterwards to check for spelling. Perhaps ask someone else to read it through as well.

Some tips
Don’t just repeat your whole CV
Don’t start every sentence with “I”
Give evidence for everything you say you’re good at or can do
There are some examples of good covering letters available in the donwloads section at the bottom of this webpage.

Content of the letterStart with a brief paragraph stating the job you are applying for and where you have seen it advertised e.g. “I came across your advertisement for a Retail Assistant in the local newspaper and would like to apply for this position.” Follow this with a paragraph that tells the employer a bit about your relevant experience and why you want the job. This is your chance to really sell yourself and get the employer interested, so make sure you highlight your strengths and key skills. End the letter by stating your CV is enclosed/attached and that you hope the employer considers your application. The last line should say that you look forward to hearing from them.If you have used a contact name at the beginning close your letter with “Yours sincerely”. If you have addressed your letter to Dear Sir or Madam, then close your letter with “Yours faithfully”.