Building your CV

Your CV (Curriculum Vitae) is an up to date summary of your qualifications, achievements, work experience and skills. Employers will use it to help them decide if you have the right qualities for the job. Although there is no one correct way of presenting this information, there are several guidelines that you should follow.

Your CV: 
  • must be clear and easy to read (use a size 12 font)
  • should be brief, one A4 sheet if possible
  • must be factually correct
  • should be word processed on good quality white paper
  • if possible, it should not be folded but sent in an A4 envelope
Rather than having one CV and using it for every job application, you should tailor your CV for each application. This will allow you to highlight your most relevant skills, experience and interests for that job and maximise your chances of securing an interview. Click HERE for a more detailed guide from the Student Room and HERE for an interactive annotated bad CV and good CV from the University of Kent! Click HERE for an amusing (but very helpful) summary of good CV writing from O2 Think Big.

[The NCS cv builder]
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